Technical Writing

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The shorter and plainer the better. — Beatrix Potter

Tahirah Shadforth has nearly two decades of experience in writing technical documentation for a wide variety of products, services, and audiences.

Emphasizing simplicity and readability, Tahirah deftly translates the jargon of developers and engineers into plain, understandable English. She documents processes and procedures in an efficient manner, using images, diagrams, and other media as appropriate and structuring content so that readers can easily find the information they seek. Her professional experience informs her on what to include in a technical document and—just as important—on what to leave out. She creates documents in accord with client style guides and technical usage and terminology standards such as the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications.

Tahirah’s portfolio includes:

  • user guides
  • online help
  • installation guides
  • build books
  • technical reference manuals
  • policy and process documentation
  • standard operating procedures
  • computer-based training
  • statements of work
  • evaluation criteria
  • job descriptions
  • process workflows

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